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The interactive flash map on the left is just an example of what we are offering. Our interactive maps are "Plug and play" ready to be used on your website. We customize their appearance to fit your needs - color, size and language. No previous Flash editing experience needed - we will do the hard part to make your life easier! 


But the best part is yet to come, the strong point of our maps is the "interactivity" they provide to your end users. You can simply put your own places of interest, marking each of them with a label, linking them to a page of relevance.


Our interactive flash maps will make your website, presentation and other multimedia applications much more attractive and attention-grabbing. The low price makes the package even more attractive. Our maps are money well spend!


We offer you:


mapki_07.jpg Interactive world map

mapki_07.jpg Interactive maps of continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Antarctica)

mapki_07.jpg Interactive maps of countries


Can't find the map you need? We are here to help, just ask!


Our interactive flash maps


mapki_07.jpg Interactive map of the world


Political flash map of the world (miniature)

Price: dolar_10.jpg30




mapki_07.jpg Political maps of continents (miniatures)

Interactive map of Europe

 Price: dolar_10.jpg45



Interactive map of Asia

 Price: dolar_10.jpg45

Interactive map of Africa

 Price: dolar_10.jpg45

Interactive map of North America

 Price: dolar_10.jpg45

Interactive map of South America

 Price: dolar_10.jpg45

Interactive map of Antarctica

 Price: dolar_10.jpg25




Interactive map of Australia

Price: dolar_10.jpg45




mapki_07.jpg Interactive flash maps of countries 


Interactive map of Poland (miniature)

Price: dolar_10.jpg99




This map can be used to find any objects in the country.

You can use circular or rectangular mark to find places in a desired area. When the circular mark is used, a very useful slide appears to change the selected radius (kilometers).

Just draw a circle or rectangle.




Is there a posibility to change the look of a map?


Yes, you can change the color, size, tooltip look, language and other things - just contact us using contact form on this page.


How can I put my own places on the maps?

It's very simple. The .swf file is combined with an .xml file where you will be able to place your own points consisting of longitude and latitude.


What if I have problems with placing your maps on my page?


Installing our interactive maps is very simple, but if you encounter any technical problems with placing maps on your page please contact us using the contact form on this page.


When will I get a map that I bought?

The time frame depends on the kind of order you make. When you purchase a stock map with only minor modifications such as color and size you will receive it after 24 hours. When you request a map which needs to be created starting from zero, it will take about a week to deliver. The time is measured after you have booked money on our Paypal account. 


What is a licence for using your maps?

A licence allows you to use the maps on one domaine and can't be resold.


Can I order a custom map?

Yes, you can. The price will depend on the type of map. Please contact us to get additional information.